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When it comes to relationships with their bodies and food, no two women are exactly the same.


This is why 1:1 coaching is so powerful.


Some women want focused emphasis on improving body acceptance and body image resilience. 


Some want to learn how to move into peace and freedom around food after relying on plans and programs for so long.


Some want both.


I offer a customizable approach. The program content is robust, but the secret sauce is the 1:1 coaching sessions.


We create a safe, non-judgmental space to look at the situations, thoughts, and feelings that create your reality.  


We use proven tools and techniques to get you where you want to be. 


If you're unsure which option below is best for you, or just want to give coaching a test drive before committing, schedule a free session at the link below. 

6 Week Body Acceptance Coaching Program 


Weekly Video Modules and Worksheets


“More Than a Body” Book


Six 45-minute Individual Coaching sessions




Great for:

  • Healing from self-criticism and overcoming body shame and negative self talk.  
  • Reducing the amount of mind space concerns about your body occupy.
  • Learning to "have your own back" in a thin-centric culture that places great emphasis on appearance.
  • Understanding the difference between health and thinness through the use of a Health at Every Size principles. 
  • Dealing with "Body Image Disruptions" that leave you feeling "less than" 

6 Week Intuitive Eating Coaching Program


Weekly Video Modules and Worksheets


“Intuitive Eating” Book and Intuitive Eating Workbook


Six 45-minute Individual Coaching sessions




Great for:

  • Learning to feel the body's signals again regarding hunger, fullness, and what type of food is needed.
  • Breaking free of rigid food rules and diet culture
  • Reclaiming fitness as an enjoyable activity and health promoting behavior. 
  • Quieting cravings and "out of control" eating
  • Expanding ways to deal with difficult emotions that are typically soothed with food
  • Learning to care for your physical, mental, and emotional health in ways that are scientifically validated and self-compassionate. 

12 Week Complete Coaching Program


Weekly Video Modules and Worksheets


Alternate between Body Image and Intuitive Eating Topics weekly


“Intuitive Eating” and “More than a Body” Books + Intuitive Eating Workbook


Twelve 45-minute Individual Coaching sessions




Great for individuals that want to make progress in their food and body relationships and accelerate their progress.  Includes all benefits listed in programs above.  

Note: If you have an active eating disorder, or trauma that has not been processed with a qualified therapist that would make cognitive and emotional work difficult, I suggest seeking help from the appropriate professional before hiring a life coach.  If you're not sure if coaching is the appropriate next step, schedule a free session and we can discuss it together.  I want to make sure you're in the right place with the right type of help.  

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